Women Victims of Assault Facing Injustice: Maybe it’s Our Fault Too

The number of morally and ethically questionable incidents is increasing in Pakistan day-by-day. Not only in this country but in the entire world, we are dealing with everyday crimes against women such as sexual assault and harassment with varying degrees of intensity. Apart from the absolutely despicable human beings, we need to blame the lack of proper legislation and its implementation in the country.

It’s no secret that the inefficiency of the law institutions in Pakistan are to blame. With them not working properly to ensure justice is served properly, it is pretty obvious the despicable and awful men are going to run around being a menace to society. Only now thanks to social media are the victims being listened to. We saw incidents like the rape of an innocent Zainab and the assault of Khadija being given the attention it deserves, which ultimately led to our government paying attention to it as well. For the first time ever, Pakistani news channels were talking about taboo topics of sexual assault and child molestation. But in the case of Khadija, social media backlash wasn’t enough. The assaulter still got out free with little to no consequences.

The real root of the problem is that we are becoming ignorant. Law and order in a country ensures a degree of well-fare for all citizens of a country, even though it might not fully prevent crimes. But we see that in our country, even that degree is hard to achieve. Especially if you’re talking about crimes against women. These are just two incidents where the crimes were reported, there are many cases which remain hidden. Heinous crimes such as acid throwing, murder, rape and honor killing happen on a daily basis without even getting noticed. There are couples who are forced by their families to separate due to people not letting go of traditional norms.

The final question we must ask ourselves is that where did we go wrong? Is the inefficient legal system of the government the only one to blame or must we hold up a mirror to ourselves and see where did we as a society go wrong? Where are our morals and values? Is this so called izzat more important than the well-being of the women in society. For how long are we going to continue this inhumane treatment of women. Why can’t a woman refuse to marry someone she doesn’t want to without having to face extreme consequences of that? A different perspective to end this blatant ignorance is something we need more than ever.

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