Women are the Leaders and Agents of Change for Economic Growth, Social Progress & Sustainable Development

Over the past year it can be obligatory to say that globalization has provoked women towards empowerment. Even in countries where women are considered to be the deprived towards staying at home. Education is said to be the specific reason to this modern evolution from male dominating perpetual norm to gender equality and women empowerment.

Leaders and Agents of Change for Economic Growth

Females are promoted in almost every field, economically as well as socially. But still when we seek through some societies, female domination is considered to be the main cause of depression of male authority and power. In multiple aspect despite having education and professional ideology females are kept a step behind.

When it comes to land ownership and loans only 13% of the females are provided with such feasibility.

Leaders and Agents of Change for Economic Growth, Social Progress and Sustainable

Furthermore, when we look up towards rural areas of Pakistan, it can be abbreviated that education is still not considered to be an important chore for female. Nevertheless, male members of the villages own so much of barren land which is not utilized by them due to lack of facilities and resources. In order to overcome these resources they migrate to urban areas in search of healthy earning.

Leaders and Agents of Change for Economic Growth, Social Progress

At back of them much part of dead land remains. Women due to less idea about farming and marketing remain vacant at home relying on earnings of the male members in their families.

Land accessibility is a greater facility with which the individuals are provided with but due to lack of resources they remain useless. Women can work efficiently in absence of their husband on the vacated land and can earn an equivalent amount of profit through it.


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