Win Cash $$$ Prizes – Trivzia Launching Tonight

Game shows are really exciting around the world as they actually involve the audience in becoming a part of the entertainment media. In Pakistan, there’re live game shows hosted by almost all the TV channels. They do perform well because of the engagement. But, there’s a catch in all these game shows; you’ve to be in the studio to participate & win something.

Trivzia is going to change the live game show industry landscape in Pakistan. It’s a live mobile game show where everyone who has the app, can participate. Just download the app from Goole Play or iOS App store and you can also participate in the show to win cash prizes every day.

We believe the media landcape around the globe is changing. Users are more likely to watch videos, TV chanels and other such things over their mobile phones rather than TVs. A live game show where participants can win cash prizes, hosted over a mobile phone app, is surely to attract a huge population. Not just the youth but also the boomers. Waqqas Alvi, CEO Trivzia

“We’ve successfully built a large community around this app since we started working over its development in February this year. Users have already been providing us feedback and suggesting features to incorporate in the app.“ He further added.

The first live game of Trivzia app is scheduled for tonight, May 31, and thousands of participants are expected to join that game.

When asked about the format of the show he said,

It’s  a very simple format. Participants will be asked 10 multiple choice questions, one after another. There’ll be a 10 seconds time to answer each question and a user will be promoted to the next level if he/she answers the question correctly. Those who’ll correctly answer all ten questions will be among the winners. Cash prize will be distributed among all winners and each game will be of at least Rs. 10,000.

“We’re going to start by hosting one show daily and we intend to host multiple shows each day in coming few weeks.”, he further added.

I believe it’s a brilliant idea and Trivzia is going to be a huge success. You can also join the game tonight at 11:00 PM. Simply download the app from the below provided links:

Trivzia App on Google Play

Trivzia App on Apple App Store


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