Why Your Facebook Account Was Automatically Logged Out

“We have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we can’t then we don’t deserve to serve you,”

-Zuckerberg also wrote a public apology regarding the Cambridge Analytica breach.

Security breach, due to which 50 million Facebook accounts have been affected. According to Facebook, 50 million users account around the world were exploited by attackers through the vulnerability of  feature “view as” that enables the account holder to understand how his/her profile (what post appears) looks to public/ mutual friends of friend or even friends.

The breach was detected on Tuesday, Attackers found multiple bugs in view as feature that “allowed them to steal Facebook access tokens, which they could then use to take over people’s accounts”. “Access tokens are the equivalent of digital keys that keep people logged in to Facebook so they don’t need to re-enter their password every time they use the app,”

It is not yet figured which countries were affected by security flaw (Pakistan definitely did) but Irish data regulators, where Facebook’s European subsidiary is based has been informed.

User’s account that were under attack were asked to re login on Friday 28th of September. Guy Rosen, the head of security announced that the issue/ flaw has been fixed, all the accounts along with other 40 million has been reset as precautionary measure.

“Since we’ve only just started our investigation, we have yet to determine whether these accounts were misused or any information accessed. We also don’t know who’s behind these attacks or where they’re based. People’s privacy and security is incredibly important, and we’re sorry this happened.” said Rosen.


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