Why You Should Immediately Stop Watching ‘Bulbulay’

In this holy month we Muslims, all make or revise the resolutions made last year to get rid of some bad habits or to continue the good ones. It’s okay if an individual does not always achieve the goal 100% but honestly this Ramazan we need to get rid of one thing and safe our little ones as well at all cost. That is stop watching bulbulay the so-called family sitcom show at ARY.

yes, we need to do it

This show, bulbulay started in 2009, october. The show got much fame due to character ‘momo’ who suffers from memory disorder and have her own signature walk. People even made or let their children pretend and walk like Momo and copy her dialogue.

Is it just me or it was pretty awkward to see kids to that ???

Well, it got trendy anyway with all the messed up comedy and every now and then mentioning the writer Ali Imran with absolute no plot. This idea was first originally aired in “Anghan Tehra” on almost last episode Anwar Maqsood comes and take the one character with him informing the character roles end here.

It gets all emotional because the character were aware that their life is a script. Here comes the triggering part about Bulbulay, the show is no longer friendly because it has started to mainly focus on how flirt and lame Nabeel and Mehmood Sahib can get every time they spot a girl.

The whole comedy revolves around both guys thirst for girls and their wives being annoyed, even Ramazan episode is not safe in this show because “aftari tou khubsorat larki he lati hai hamesha” and lets just not forget the “ring transformation” episode, both female characters wore a ring, took some young girls name, turned into her and caught husbands red-handed. The only thing left in this show is when Nabeel will dominant his wife that he himself is the producer of the show and she will start respecting him.

if “lame” was a whole person even he would beg them to stop.

For one it is lame enough and for the sake of being sane, people should stop watching it. If not adults then kids and teenagers should be strictly forbidden to watch this lame flirt show. Kids pick up and learn things fast and these things eventually build up the personality. Do we really want our kids to be influenced by this??
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