Why You Should Follow International News

Ignorance is a bliss or not is another debate but it is at least not for people suffering from complexity. Pakistan is in a devastated state but we are trying our best to improve inch by inch. We have tragedies to moan over, also somethings to celebrate but some of Pakistani tend to ignore the fact that a country consist of both negative and positive phase.

We all have come across people who are just unnecessarily negative about everything related to Pakistan and some even dare to point at the existence of the very country they’ve occupied land of for shelter.

*negative vibes alert*

Unfortunately, we cannot always back up our country because we aware of casualties but what we can do is to prove the Pakistan is not the only country with terrible things happening. The most common ignorance among people is that mainly Pakistan (and india) is the country with awful living conditions, law and politicians. That is wrong, countries around the World experience drawbacks or unfortunate events may it be under developed, developing or even developed countries. To understand this fact a habit of reading/listening international news through authentic source is important.

Off the note: how many read that a woman killed her husband over beating family cat?? (via BBC)

Now, the idea is absolutely not to degrade or demean any country but to be alert, keep eyes open to reality and keep up hope that countries from worst can bounce back. Knowledge never harm anyone and it is important to be aware what is happening around us. Then we can even quote facts to people who just sit around and complain about that everything is heavenly except Pakistan but grace is the key in tone.

dont yell at the person tho

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