Why We Need To Define What ‘Freedom’ Means

What is Freedom? For many centuries human beings have been fighting the war for freedom. That is by fighting  against nations that controlled them, their lands and their laws and hence their freedom. That’s looking at it on a broad scale, but what is it that makes a person, a country, a society free?

The common misconception that somehow puts freedom under a slightly negative heading, is that freedom can only be used for wrong purposes, and therefore someone should be able to control another persons freedom to ensure balance.

Are we confusing immorality with freedom? Laws or rather punishable laws are for the immoral things potential criminals do, and for that they are rightfully punished, we can’t say that if a person wants to stab another person he should be allowed to do it because it is ‘freedom’. Looking at how absurd this sounds, the point is we should not confuse basic freedom with things that are clearly unethical, and possibly hurt another human being.

Freedom does not only mean doing immoral things, it simply means that for the vast population that is sane (hopefully) and doesn’t have intentions to murder, rape, or rob someone else.  Freedom means they should be given the right to choose what they feel is right for themselves, as long as it doesn’t harm someone else. That is basic human level liberation.

Of course other people can guide them, hope to inspire them and make them understand, these are all everyday healthy human ways of living, interacting or just existing. But to ‘force’ means to take away that very liberty.
Freedom is not a negative word, it simply is something every human being, big or small, craves at a very basic level. And if not given it, may feel helpless or may even end up revolting, just as suppressed nations did with their oppressors.

Freedom, equality laws are all ideologies that have a pure intention of making sure the progression of the human race. Now it is the fault of the few handpicked individuals that will abuse their freedom/rights for their own gain, so instead of supporting laws for freedom and rights to reach those parts of the World where for example, women might not even have bathrooms for their gender, we tend to only focus on lousy things certain individuals have done and blame the entire “Movement”.

It’s not about whether individuals have the caliber to choose the ‘right’ answers for themselves,  but more about letting them decide and giving them the liberty to choose what they think is right for them, because there are never any clear ‘right’ answers. And even if there were to be, the consequences each person will have to face will solely be their own, and those consequences can again not be forced on them.

How are consequences enforced? Take the example of an individual who hurts another human being physically, like possibly killing another person for an action one considers immoral to give that person a taste of their ‘consequences’. Now clearly the individual has tried to control the consequences for another human being by hurting them, by committing a punishable sin that does not even come under the realms of freedom. Therefore, freedom does not mean to have power on others, their decisions or their social or personal courses of action, instead the power on all of these things but when they are your own.

‘Debates’ is as far as it should go, arguing and having conversations, it’s healthy. But to force or invade another person’s liberty over their situation, their bodies, their entire existence essentially, well that’s the complete opposite of what it means to be free.

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