Why We Need More TV Shows Like Udaari

A lot of quality dramas have come out of the Pakistani drama industry since its beginning, and especially at a time when our film industry wasn’t doing well, dramas are what people connected with and also what we Pakistanis were made known for the World over.

Looking at its widespread reach we think television should include more dramas that tackle the daily social issues of a commoner like it was done brilliantly in Udaari. While it’s good to show the elite life of Pakistanis and of the daily struggles of life in general in the form of art, it should also be an integral social responsibility to bring light to issues prevailing in the society like child rape, honor killings and sexual harassment to name a few. Things that affect each individual in small and big ways and they undoubtedly affect the progression of our country as a whole.

Many issues that still stain the fabric of our society need to be addressed and television should promote more of such dramas which help bring awareness to not just the middle or upper middle class but to the lower population as well. As they say ‘Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.’

Why not make it a priority to show reality of what the general masses face, something people can actually relate to, done of course in a tasteful manner such that it is able to affect an audience and makes everybody analyze and measure their actions and the consequences of it.

Let’s not make it a controversy but face the reality of deep-rooted issues grounded in inequality and injustice, so that we can learn from it and change the circumstances for the people who ultimately suffer its harsh consequences. And what better way to do it than through dramas and television, something that has an endless reach.


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