Why We Can’t Let Culture Die

From complex embroidered designs to vibrant truck art, from breathtaking landscapes to beautiful languages, from unique craftsmanship to colourful festivities, our country is gifted with a rich culture and heritage. 

Regardless of land or associations with land, this vast heritage is what brings this whole nation of people from north and south, from west and east, all together as one. And culture, though a forbidding word, is also a significant one. 

Why Can’t Let Culture

Culture is like the roots of a tree, and a tree cannot stand without its roots. And this same tree, this past, is what shapes us into who and what we are today. Many also despise this culture, because the ‘open-minded’ evolutionary folk do not want to bother with having to carry such baggage around, they consider it a burden that takes up a lot of space and time — both of which is deficit this day, and believe tradition cannot profit us any longer. 

Why We Can’t Let Culture

And while they are entitled to their opinions, this prospect to me seems awful. Because if one does not remember the question originally asked, how can it be answered; the future is meaningless without its past. 

We have, in this age of restlessness and disorder, a lot to sail across the water, and the destination can only be measured by what is carried across. If the power of the heritage is lost, it becomes only limited to museums and history books, visited every few years or so. And that cannot be. 

Why We Can’t Let Culture Di

Nations who forget their true self and identities are subject to ruin sooner or later; you can’t expect a building to stay upright if you try misplacing the foundations. 

The new, developed modern world seems easy and far more approachable, but we need to see through this mirage that only through connecting the old with the new can we achieve something greater, the life ahead may seem like much less of a nightmare but those who are cultivated in the least would prefer that nightmare over a sleep that has no dreams. 


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