Why Want Independence When You Have Shelter and Support?

Remember that machines in early days did not have choices and they were just assigned to some particular static work. It was something that had a dedicated machinery so it did not involve thinking. Tech evolved and choices were given to the machine to choose as per scenario. Those choices were refined and the machines were made rational. They were given deep data sets and knowledge and were made purely intelligent to a point where we can now trust the machine on any nanosecond-based decision more than a normal person. So why don’t us? The girls?  Why are we never trusted fully to make our own decisions? “Why do you want independence when you are given the shelter?” is the most frequent question asked. I will tell you why I want independence?

So, the answer to your question that why I want independence, is that because I want to “Get a life”,  I want independence because I want to take responsibility of my actions, my truths, my good deeds, my bad deeds. I want independence to make my own choices, so that when they don’t work out, I can sit in peace and say to my self that oh, that decision was a mistake I made and I’ll learn from it. I want independence because I don’t want to hurt people based on the judgements and emotional blackmailing of others, I don’t want to hurt people based on a decision that was never mine and in one way or another was imposed. I don’t want to experience a point where I don’t feel anything when the person I hurt is begging for an answer clutching my shoulders crying and asking repeatedly why I hurt them. What if I’m not moved because it was not my decision?

I want independence because I want to groom myself, my choices, my attire, my preferences, my habits, my interests in culture and fashion. I want independence because I want to sort out the priorities myself. I want to give importance to only those people that I chose. I want to express my emotions freely without fear of judgement or distorted by others. I want independence because I know it will give me peace.

I want independence so that it makes me productive; so that I can make logical decisions myself. So that I am not burdened to live a life I did not choose.

I want independence. I want to marry the person of my choice, to give all my self to that one person in the way I want. I want to make friends I can love platonically and easily, without anyone hampering that. I want to spread my own form of joy with the people I genuinely love and care about. I want independence so that I can embrace the fact that it’s okay to cry in public and that it’s just a feeling I shouldn’t hide from others. Independence is oxygen for me because it will finally allow me to breathe in this society of ours.


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