Why To Get Rid Of Doing Things The ‘Old Ways’

The intermediate students are well prepared for exams but how prepared and aware are they for higher education. To just ring a silent alarm a majority of students are unaware of diverse faculties for higher education and universities offering such.  In our society the education culture doesn’t have any creative or productive essence. Other than medical students most of the students will be enjoying a six month-long vacation.

Old is 'Not At All' Gold

To see in cultural context we have four major sects 1) medical 2) engineering 3) commerce 4) arts (that too is largely left unknown). The rest of the culture stood neglected. During the admission season students run crazy and confused because of the lack of understanding regarding subjects, the prospective  provided by the universities do little in terms of help and knowledge along with the number of departments left unspoken and unknown. Student can walk by subject they might have great potential in and wouldn’t even have a hint.

Pakistan in area of education can not progress with old school fashion tactics.It is highly insufficient in career consulting institutions. None of  the intermediate institutions offer seminars for the acknowledgement of subjects and scopes other than our four major sects. To conclude, the old ways are wasting a lot of potential of youth.


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