Why There’s Need For A Change In Our Political System

Admit it, we all have read Pakistan Studies and have hated it with the deepest depths of our hearts but it does raise a few questions if we study it with care. You may have observed that the rule of Pakistan has been running in a handful of families for nearly three decades. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the leader of Pakistan’s People’s Party, left his “legacy” (sarcasm intended) for his daughter, Benazir Bhutto. Well when this rule ended, it was taken over by Nawaz Shariff. Then Benazir and then again Mr. Nawaz took the reins.

Why There Need For A Change In Political System

After Benazir’s assassination, Asif Ali Zardari, her husband, took the lead of her party, stealing as much from Pakistan as possible. And again came Nawaz Shariff with his oh-so-innocent speeches. With their times in the world almost up, (they are above 75 for God’s sake) they have started to give the country to their children as if it was inherited by them. The corrupt gave birth to more corrupt to keep the corruption in the country alive. No matter our affiliations with any party, we all know one thing for certain, none of the politicians nor their children are capable of ruling this country They were born in corruption. It is an everyday thing for them and, sadly, has become for us too.

Why There Need For A Change In Our Political System

Why There's Need For A Change In Political System

Now if we observe, the rule being passed on to the children, doesn’t is seem to much like what happened with royalty in the past? Passing on the country to the children. Do we really need another generation of corrupt politicians devoid of conscience. Don’t you think that the actual learned people of this country need a chance? Not some cricketer or a business man who doesn’t have a single degree worth of note? They are not capable to make this country progress, neither Imran nor Nawaz nor those present in politics now. This is what happens when we work with the rule of “Majority is Authority.” Democracy is just, “Might is Right” and for this, we forget that, “Right is Right”. What’s good or evil is not ours to determine, the fate of the country shouldn’t fall into the hands of any layman who wants nothing but to hoard money and can even kill for it, whose corruption knows no bounds, who deny the rule of constitution, who are the flag-bearers of injustice, it should be manipulated by those worthy of it, whose mindset is to rule a country, not loot it.

Why There's Need For A Change In Political System

The politicians of the present keep our eyes covered while they stab us in front of us and we can’t say shit? If we had even an ounce of self-respect and love for our homeland, we would have torn them from their seats of power. We don’t need business men or cool-speech-makers. We need patriots, people with working, honest minds who are actually loyal their own country.

We don’t need the same tried and tested failures to lead us. We need new, loyal and honest blood that will truly make the Pakistan of Iqbal’s dream, not a version of hell it is now.


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