Why There is No Lake on Earth Like Attabad Lake

So folks after a ton of research, I realized that Attabad Lake is the most unusual lake you’ll ever come across. I took it in my stride to find the most out of the blue ( no pun intended ), breath-taking photos of Attabad Lake to ever exist on the internet. And It’s nothing short of sheer Epicness!  It could have easily made it to a scene in the Game of Thrones or yet better.

What makes Attabad Lake unique is that it’s not simply a typical green lake with greenery and colorful flowers around. It’s epicness lies in its contrast. Water as blue as your eyes could possibly imagine peacefully resting in between not just huge, but humongous mountains with their abstract textured stones. To reflect a perfect light and give the whole thing an auburn flare.
It’s like fire against water.

OMG, what is this sorcery?

Ok now I can’t breathe. I’m cancelling all my Europe plans right now.

Here’s a little fire I promised. My bags are packed already!

Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor, nature and water

Here have my entire bank account. Is that water or some special kind of crystal, can’t decide.Attabad Lake, Gojal Valley, Hunza

This one is to show the enormity of the place, its beauty also lies in its grandeur. Just look at how those mountains loom. Why wasn’t the Lord of the Rings shot here again?

This looks to me like Frodo and his gang on the boat.
Take notes Peter Jackson.

Attabad Lake

My heart can’t handle this. All I can say is Pakistan thanks you for existing!


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