Why Semester System Sucks

All the time at our school and college we are immersed into the deep thoughts of getting admission into a high-class university and get our lives settled once and for all. Happiness takes us when we achieve that, but along with this extreme happiness and proud a confusion also engulfs us which is understanding the semester system. It was not until the end of the first semester that I was able to understand what credit hours actually were. It takes an eternity to comprehend the so called 6 months which actually is wrapped up in 4 months education system, when you studied in the annual system for your whole life.

It is so difficult to cope up with the surprises that each course and teacher has got for you. There are a number of rulings no standard set. Different teachers, different guidelines. Each teacher is itself a governing body and you have to follow them accordingly. You get angered and frustrated over the fact that there are no higher authorities. It really becomes a nightmare when you keep looking for a board like thing but there ain’t one and after a few semesters of failing one or two courses it just becomes a dark humor.

Why Semester System Suck

For the prior reasons, you can never- hear me again people “NEVER” afford any clash or awkwardness or debate (even if you are right) with your course instructor, because you will call upon the wrath and the person can fail you or worse give you low grades. The reason why I shifted from teacher to course instructor is that the peeps in the universities are not those regular warm heart, enthusiastic for you people, they are just here for some hours of time from there busy lives to tell you about some course and go. They will literally have no connection with you outside class (except for a few drops in the ocean).

Why Semester System Suck

Let’s come to the time management, there are times, when you have no flipping idea about what is going on in the course, what should you study beforehand, which book is good, is it okay to remain on slides or to get some extra information and suddenly this cyclone of quizzes, assignments and mid term will leave you frenzied and you will be like “okay what just happened here!”. Being proactive and being non-proactive will be the same. The reality of your university will be exposed to you once you jump into Final Year Project and you have to face the committee regarding issues, politics and ignorance from you supervisor (May God save all of us from that, Amen!)
The only way to survive in this hustle is to be vigilant and nice to teachers. This is actually sad, that the students have to bear so much pressure that they become smokers and they cannot manage a routine or get time for themselves ultimately falling into a pit of depression. May ALLAH give us strength to subsist on this hectic system.


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