Why People Use Drugs in Pakistan & How to Spot an Addict?

It has been an important question for long that why people use drugs? what leads them to do it and why? To understand this growing network of drug users, it is important to know and understand the mentality of a drug user personally. Anyone who is abusing the substance use, whether it is Methamphetamine also known as “ICE” or if it is Heroin, there will always be a reason behind it. No one gets stuck in this situation willingly, there is always some unknown or known forces behind it. People don’t use drugs straight away, they always start from small things that will lead them to use hardcore drugs such as ICE, COCAINE and HEROIN.

Majority of drug addicts had a rough patch in life for example, they were either going through some financial loss or some emotional stress that lead them to use drugs. Science is speechless about this topic as it has limits on its experimentation. But to know more, it is always better to know it first hand from an addict, dealer or someone who has experienced being one in the past.

You should not blame a drug addict for his habit or even wish for his death without knowing his past because he might have gone through hell to get to that stage. But those who are willingly doing it just for party or to show off, they are worst and stupid. It is like committing suicide if not today then tomorrow.Anonymous Dealer

Drugs have multiple uses, depending on person’s mood. Some start of using pills as pain killers and eventually end up on hardcore Heroin as nothing else will work anymore. Some use for recreational purposes to get a high feeling with others like Cocaine or Ecstasy pills or Speed or ICE. Some use it to calm themselves down from a trauma of past for instance, loss of a child or any other trauma and for that, the most common is Marijuana or Weed or Hashish or Charas.

Each drug has a different feeling and different outcomes. The use of drugs is no doubt bad but it is not connected to one particular reason. Now a days, it is same as smoking of the past. People used to start smoking and get addicted just because they wanted to show off as how cool they look. Facts cannot be ignored by some research of scientists who had never been in the shoes of a Drug dealer or a Drug user.

It is like a temptation, it gives you strength and pleasure for a short time, some increase ability to judge and make decisions and people enjoy it in the company of others as it gives your confidence, a boost, which you may not have normally. Anonymous Dealer

Whether it is used in schools, colleges or universities, it will always have a negative effect on society. It is uncontrollable unless dramatic circumstances are created to eliminate it. It has started to make its way in our society and very commonly available for anyone who is willing to try. Mentalities of a drug user and a drug dealer are different. One is looking at it as a business while the other as an easy way to get a weird feeling that he or she might not have felt in the past.

Those who are addict now, they should thank the company they keep. There is no way out unless they leave the company once and for all. Bad company gives birth to bad things and Drug use is one of them. Anonymous Dealer

People have started to use it for recreational or functions or parties, without knowing the consequences. Unfortunately, Pakistan is becoming part of this party culture. Around 70% of the world has serious drug related issues. All the western world is suffering because of it. It has taken more lives than cigarettes.

Drug use should be avoided for any reason. There are always other healthy alternatives. Person who uses or sell drugs, is and will never be anyone’s friend. It is a harsh reality which we all learn the hard way either by being dead on OVERDOSE or by falling prey to a debt to society, family or drug dealers and emotional loss.Anonymous Dealer

drugs effect in pakistan

How to Spot a Drug Addict

It has been a dilemma for many people. It is hard for a normal person to just look at someone and pin point a user because a normal person will be bound to judge through a limited approach. And without knowing their character, they cannot be found. When we ask the same question from a dealer, his approach was different.

You cannot spot them, you don’t know them and they will be normal by the looks of them but to understand them or spot them, you will need to understand physical, emotional and psychological changes that happens when a person is high Anonymous Dealer

Your neighbor or family member may be going through drug issues or worse, he/she may be a dealer but you will never know till it is too late. Drugs effect physically, emotionally and psychologically. What a person does normally, they will never do that. They are either very positive or very negative. It will be hard to find middle grounds for a drug addict.

Physical Changes

  • Countless spots on arms, legs, hand, neck or feet of needle injections
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Itchy skin
  • Dilated pupil
  • Dark circles around the eye
  • Sleeplessness
  • Scratch marks from excess scratching during withdrawals
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • And in some cases Fat Gain around belly

physical change from drugs

Emotional Changes

  • Sudden mood swings
  • Change in personality
  • Happiness during tremendous emotional or even physical pain
  • Abnormal behavior towards friends or relatives
  • Rebellion
  • Disobedience

Psychological Changes

  • Severe Paranoia or Fear of happening something wrong
  • Severe anxiety
  • Difficulty to understand others
  • Talking to oneself
  • Hearing noises
  • Depression
  • Fearless in some cases

NOTE: The Above mentioned changes are mostly negative or side effects of hardcore or Class “A” drugs but there can be opposite PSYCHOLOGICAL changes from what has been described above. But either way, it will be extreme for example; extremely happy without a reason or suddenly very loving and caring or having more confidence than normal.

All the junkies or drug addicts have few things in common regardless of drug differences. On drugs, they become the most dishonest, unreliable and untrustworthy. It happens every time they touch it. That’s how I spot them straight away from behavior change Anonymous Dealer


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