Why Pakistan’s Crop Production is Low This Year?

Pakistan has been one of the countries where urbanization took control over the economic activities. This can be stated as one of the reasons that the agricultural sector of Pakistan has deprived off, collaborating only 20% to the economy. The major cash crops of Pakistan are now at its edge of extinction as the agricultural sector is no more being cultivated at an effective level. The ratio of rural-urban migration exceeded after industrial revolution because the living condition of rural areas have less likely to be improved over the years due to which people move to urban zones, in search of better earning and living standard.

According to statistics of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the total crop production in rupee terms has fallen from Rs2.7 trillion in FY15 to Rs2.6 trillion in FY16.

The fact, that the livelihood of cities of Pakistan is better, is not true at all. Currently, people prefer better and respectable jobs in service sectors of the city; but it is not always that they are compensated according to their choices and demands. Moreover one of the reasons of rising unemployment can be increase in migration. People in crave of better opportunities move to cities, unfortunately face disappointment with low profiled jobs due to lack of education and advanced skills.

Why Pakistan's Crop Production is Low This Year

Karachi has always been the central business zone in Pakistan. With better living standard, in cooperation with revived facilities. Withstanding to this reason people usually migrate from lower areas to this city. Rural-Urban migration is the major cause that the agriculture of the country is declining day by day.

Nevertheless, the countermeasures to overcome this issue can be that the state take preferable measures to ensure better facilitation to people living in rural areas. Basic facilitation such as better standard of education to be provided. Advanced technological resources and mechanism to be procured at agricultural sector.

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