Why Pakistan Doesn’t Have PayPal

PayPal is a digital wallet service that allows you to send or receive money to and from any person or a company around the globe. PayPal is a great blessing that ensures safe transactions. It is a must-have for traders as it provides 100% security in money transactions. Unfortunately, they are not offering their services for Pakistan.

Why Is Not Offering in Pakistan? 

It is mainly due to the stringent State Bank regulations and plenty of internet scams. Not all the bloggers and freelancers are scammers. There are a few hackers who have defamed the name of our country, and for this reason many other big companies like Google Adsense have strict policies against our country.

The huge amounts of scams, deteriorating conditions of the country, the falling market and of course, Pakistan’s non-existent copyright laws. Every forgery can be found here. It is possible that you may find many local agents and unauthorized companies claiming that they have access to verified PayPal. Over 90% of such companies are total scam. Also, the policies of Pakistan damage such investors instead of profiting them. So why would a world-wide company invest its resources in a country whose future looks bleak despite being the 6th largest population?

As 95% of the online business is associated with PayPal, Pakistani traders face many problems in transactions, mostly turning to third-party sources. Just like PayPal, and  Ebay have also stopped their services in Pakistan along with many other companies.

Alternatives To PayPal

Why Pakistan Doesn't Have PayPal

1. Payoneer

Payoneer account holders are issued a Master Debit Card which they can use to withdraw funds from any associated ATM in Pakistan. Head over to the website, and sign up for an account. Initially you will only be providing basic details (email, address, phone number) which they will verify before proceeding to the next step.

The way the process is explained on the website, you either need to sign up for the US/EUR payment service, or be a part of their affiliated websites like Fiverr or Elance to get your account approved. Once you have managed to get the account, you will be able to withdraw money easily from the debit card which they will email you.

2. Payza

Formerly working as AlertPay, Payza is an online fund transferring service that allows you to quickly, securely, and conveniently send and receive money over the internet. It provides all the required services for an e-commerce business including the debit card support, prepaid cards, wire transfers, cheques and bank transfers. Owned by MH Pillars, Payza supports over 197 countries (including Pakistan) and 21 different currencies and has over 9 million users across the globe.

3. Skrill

Why Pakistan Doesn't Have PayPal

Individuals can open a Skrill account by registering through the website. You will enter some basic data (address, email, name), which will give you access to the account. You will further need to verify this information if you want to receive higher amounts, but you can get started without doing that. Enter your bank account or debit/credit card information to register your accounts with your email ID. While I have never used the service, I believe your clients only need your email address to be able to send you money. Owning a Skrill account is free, but if you don’t use your account for 12-months (and have funds in it) you will be charged 1 Euro per month as long as your account balance remains positive. ATM withdrawals are 1.80 Euro per withdrawal, while bank withdrawals are 2.95 Euro.

4. Western Union

Why Pakistan Doesn't Have PayPal

It is probably one of the most used exchange in Pakistan. Western Union is a secure and widespread money transferring service which is affiliated with a large number of vendors here in Pakistan and so, serves as the perfect payment processing service that can replace PayPal. By being into service since the 19th century, WU has deep roots in this business and currently supports over 200 countries.

How To Get A PayPal Verified Account

Even though PayPal isn’t available in Pakistan, but it is still necessary to have a personal verified PayPal account in Pakistan. You can also request your family member or friend who is living in a country where PayPal offers its services in helping you out verifying your personal PayPal. You can use their legal documents for verifying and securing your PayPal completely, else follow the guide that I quoted above.

PayPal verification isn’t a difficult process in Pakistan, it may take a bit of extra time, but you can still verify it using third party services like Payoneer. We will keep on trying to file petitions against PayPal to offer its services in Pakistan. For this, you have to raise your voice with other Internet marketers.


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