Why Our Prayers Are Not Answered?

We stand in world today without a support from anywhere. We have been searching for answers of our current situation. It seems unfair and unjust that we suffer while the rest of the world is at ease. We pray to God and most of our prayers go unheard. We seek one common answer that why don’t they get accepted. We are Muslims and this religion was based on pillars that should protect us and be just with us.

Prayers not getting answered

Till the mid of 16th century, we were undefeated and strong, the whole world knew right about us and without a doubt, they had recognized many rulers as just even to those who had practiced different faith but today, our strength is not the same. We are quick to jump in conclusions that, for the time being, satisfy our frustration but we don’t realize one thing that what has changed in us since then. Answer to this one question can solve everything and every puzzle because it is a track we have lost and finding it will change everything.

Muslim Rule of 16th Century

All the Muslim rulers of that time were not only just but they had made sure that all the Muslims stand under one flag regardless of their race and their lines were straight and shoulders to shoulders with each other without a gap. Over the period of time we have seen that gap increasing and divided us into hundreds different type. Today we are quick to judge our own brothers by the way they pray, not by their intentions or deeds they have good in them. We were given a gift of a Muslim land and we were given a gift of being Muslim but we have abused this blessing to the point that our prayers go unheard. One thing we don’t have today is unity. Next time you go to the mosque, observe the row during prayer and you will see how much distance we have created between us.

Muslim Unity Gone

There was a time when we were undefeated and known for being just, our lines were straight and shoulders to shoulders. We had respected and looked after the disable, our women, our children and our elderly. Today, we have knowledge and education that should be enough for us to reunite us again. Unfortunately we rather judge our brother by the way he prays than correct ourselves and join him in praying with the right intentions and seek forgiveness from one God we all believe in and let God alone judge others. We have knowledge of this fair religion and yet we ignore the basics of it just because others may not like it. We have lost our unity and place of identity because we have left the ways that used to unite us and made us fair with others.

We Judge People

We prefer prayer mats over prayers, we prefer silk covering The Holy Quran over reading and learning it. We prefer our comfort over others and most of all we prefer ourselves in everything over others. Everything has a reaction and when one thinks of himself in everyday work and ignore others comfort, it tear our unity apart, it creates differences and most of all it defies everything our religion has taught us. This religion was created so we didn’t have to follow what our forefathers had followed but instead do our research, unite and be just with others. We stand in world and claim to be Muslims but look around, are we really? Our actions are different than what we preach and our actions have created only differences.

Muslim Dont Read Quran Any more

We break laws and act as we have achieved a milestone. How can our prayers be heard if we act wrong and be proud about it? It is indeed heartbreaking that after having knowledge of what we are doing wrong yet we stick to it. If we just change ourselves and do things exactly the way Islam teaches us and stand side by side of our brother, Our prayers will start getting heard again and we will rise again as a force that would be fair and strong. We need to judge ourselves before judging others because we all have so much wrong that has brought this unfair situation upon us.

Breaking The Muslim Law

We follow what majority follow even if it is wrong. We cannot go like this forever or we will be one of the lost civilizations. Every developed country has humanity between them, they unite and care for those who needs it the most. Look at them, observe them and think is not it what we are missing? And is not it what Islam been asking us to do? It is pity that we are forgetting our own ways, path to success and peace. They are developed and above us because they adopted what we had best in us and we are under them because we left those valuable basics of our religion. I think it is time for us to realize it and instead of waiting for some miracle, we need to take steps towards the right direction because as long as we don’t change ourselves, we will always be divided and no one else will suffer but our own selves.


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