Why One Has to Die to Get Respect and Appreciation?

Every issue and matter is eyed by media like a hawk. A new trend is to turn everything into a document, film, or a song. Most of them are labelled as tribute. A tribute to Amjad Sabri, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Mariam Mukhtar, Qadeel Baloch but one has to die to get this respect and appreciation or even attention from media and nation.


Following the trend doesn’t allow to be insensitive or violate the code of ethics but it was done and this time it was beyond humanity.

Mariam Mukhtar death

A UK-based NGO and Pakistani TV channel A-plus planned to air documentary over the case of Zainab a child from district Kasur who was raped and murdered. The case was hyped over all platforms to get the little girl justice and due to pressure the law force had to work harder. Anyway out of many rape victims one was served justice.

One Has to Die Here to Get Respect and Appreciation

What went wrong is that neither of the producing team seek permission from zainab’s father or even inform and the hurt father is planing to sue them for all the right reasons he said “The TV channel did not bother to seek my permission. i would not allow anyone to use the name of my daughter for one’s vested interest. The UK-based NGO recently visited Kasur and did video recording in our locality. Its representative visited the school of Zainab in the munir shaheed colony as is shown in the video clip where they met the school administration, teachers and students.

Worst, the tele-film for A-plus “zainab kay Qatal” is written by most loved and known author ‘Umera Ahmed. Ummm she must have asked the basic question if the response was affirmative? Were acts and figured quoted without any recheck or authenticity? Why only focus on one victim?

It is straight out hypocrisy to use emotions to sell media on dead people those whom should’ve gotten all the respect and salutes while they were breathing and it should be highly discouraged by the audience.


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