Why Normal is so Underrated?

Our youth’s tendency to spend an unhappy, dejected and non-thankful life is getting high day by day, I don’t understand if something is really wrong or we just have developed a fantasy that by being a normal and stable person they will loose their reputation and go unnoticed, or it is the only way to get comments in astonishment and enthusiasm, This ujjrra-pann they are getting fond of.

The peeps today are really getting weird, they would not share about how they actually feel, giving an expression that no one will ever get it, keeping grudges to heart, saying that they have given up on this world when actually they are literally a bunch of losers who don’t realize that they are being fostered on there parents money and they are the ones who wont give up, ever.

Why Normal is so Underrated

They give these mysterious vibes, living a life in not trying, having appreciation for doing nothing, promoting procrastinating, getting into injurious lifestyles not only emotionally but also physically. Hurting one own self have become some kind of an adventure. Continuing this thing they are literally getting into eating junk and spoiling themselves in every way possible just because it is cool.

They also do cheap and self-consuming stunts, having fantasies about getting drunk, stoned, living a “Mirza Ghalib” life, feeling disappointed and saying that they are unlovable because they push people back. Why can’t we just live a normal life? I think normal is so under rated that it is never appreciated, adventure gets appreciated, maintenance, routine, discipline, consistency is really buried under Munds of the expression “Kuch naya kartay hain!” What we don’t understand is that in making our self an exemplary with these tactics we really forget that what is the concept of an ideal life.

Why Normal is Underrated

Its not getting high or a hateful bastard once in a lifetime. Being Muslims the concept of an ideal or a perfect life that has been given to us, teaches us to literally get normal and spend a real normal life. Prophet Muhammad (صَلَّى اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ ) sunnah and seerah is the one example when it comes to spending a real life, an actual life. His life teaches us to get humble, honest, consistent, maintainable and easy to go.

We are actually not living in a real life, its an illusion of life, in which everything is real, what we don’t realize is that when we will have real relationships and people we will be responsible for, this cockiness and arrogant hipster attitude is really not going to work. Plus, it can leave us with a lot of guilt and regret. We have been taught in religion to go easy on others and most importantly on your own self, it has been instructed to pray to ALLAH for getting through the easy way out. So, dear ones, spend a good and sober life get an example from your parents how they managed their youth without getting all abusive and vain. Learn it before it gets real.

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