Why it’s Okay To Not Be into Fashion

Any fashion conscious person knows that apparel speak louder than attitude. But not all of us are fashionistas. Some of us just like to wear whatever the we want. Personal style is getting lost and it’s no longer fun to use fashion as self-expression.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde

Here are some of the reasons that make it okay to be not a Fashion Diva and follows your own statement.

1. Trends Don’t Last

Its okay what you follow according to your taste rather than being obsessed with the fashion trends because they don’t last long. What was cool last season is apparently an abomination in the next one.The truly irritating thing about fashion is how quickly it changes.

2. Personal Style is Important

The trends we’re dying to keep up with were all started by someone somehow. By refusing to follow fashion, you will be making a statement that you are different. Your style is not dictated by magazines, designers or stores. People who copy other people’s fashion identity do so probably because they have no identity of their own so have your own fashion identity.

3. Some Trends are Weird

Fashion is a competitive business, and brands are always looking for a differentiating edge, but this edge is not relatable sometimes. Some fashion trends are just out of hands these days due their weirdness. One of the top reasons not to follow fashion trends is that fashion can be utterly ridiculous.

4. Save Time and Money

Fast-fashion, trends, and the media make us think that our time and money is best spent on disposable items. The happy news is that we each have a choice. We can use our dollars wisely to support the businesses and people that we truly believe in.

5. Clothes that are Comfortable

Instead of copying people who wear what’s convenient for their lifestyle and work, which may not be convenient for you, stick to what you know. Trends can distract people from seeing the real you. So just wear what suits you and you feel comfortable.

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