Why Is Slouching Wrong But Feels So Right?

It’s something we all do without even trying. Slouching. It feels so right but speaking in terms of posture, its so wrong.

But why is that so?

Well, for one, slouching strains the muscles and causes fatigue. Proper posture helps your muscles to work more efficiently so that they do not become fatigued. The head is like a bowling ball on a stick (your neck). If the head is constantly forward, such as when you slouch, the weight of gravity has to be countered by muscles in the back of your neck and shoulders, and over time this leads to muscle fatigue and possibly pain.

That explains why a lot of our people nowadays suffer from constant neck and back pains despite their youthful age.

But how does one keep a straight posture?

To keep a proper sitting posture, keep your feet flat on the floor, keep knees on level with your hips or even slightly higher, sit back in the chair so your spine is supported. Your shoulders should be relaxed (not pulled upward), keep your ears aligned with your shoulders, and try not to keep the shoulders rounded or hunched. Computer screens should be at eye level so the neck can remain neutral.

To keep a proper standing posture, the shoulders should be back and relaxed, the neck and head in line with the shoulders from the side, and the weight balanced on both feet evenly with the feet about hip width apart and knees relaxed (not locked). The abdominal muscles should be slightly activated, and from the side they should be able to draw a straight line through the earlobe, shoulder, hip and ankle.

If you just tried to do all those when you realized that you also happen to slouch, try to turn that exercise into a habit slowly. Straighten your posture out the next time you find yourself slouching and gradually try to change this bad habit developed throughout our lives in almost all of us. If you’re one of those people who do sit straight, you’re doing it right!



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