Why is Mental Instability and Fees of Psychologists Directly Proportional Here?

Some days ago, I saw a Facebook post, of a psychologist, saying that he is worried about the downfall of mental health of Pakistanis. Another psychologist on TV also preaches about mental awareness on TV and shows a great concern for the troubled youth and addicts in society. Sure, we respect your concerns, but have you ever considered, restructuring your sky scraper fee? Because it’s not that we don’t want your help, it’s the fact that we can’t afford it.

Whenever we talk about stats, they tell us that major problems, are in middle class. Major suicide cases, cases of abuses or harassment come from the mediocre community. These people neither accept the fact that they need therapy, nor they have awareness regarding mental illnesses. So obviously they won’t know if it’s something that can actually be treated. In the last few months, there were so many suicides among students, due to the pressure of studies or any other mental instability. They became the preys because no one payed a heed to take them seriously and told them “Pagal nai bano”. When in reality, they were on the verge of losing their sanity. The mediocre parents, then have no choice but accepting it as it is.

Now why don’t, these concerned people, arrange workshops and seminars, for awaking people of the dangers of not taking mental illnesses properly? The very psychologist I am talking about has a fee structure of PKR 10,000 for a single session of 75 minutes. It is a big deal, its like buying that one expensive medicine and then accepting that it will get you healed just by taking one because duh, its expensive. According to the mentality of a mediocre man, they will save this money for a future investment rather than wasting on something, that may or may not workout and has slow results.

It is the need of time for the Government to assign, therapists, psychologists, with serious intentions at schools and colleges, even at workplaces who then conduct seminars and observe the mental situation the environment or the system.  Only then can this taboo be removed and we can all be healthy in real terms.


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