Why India is The Mother of Terrorism!

Some facts that say that India is the mother of terrorism

More than 600 ceasefire violations by India on LOC, martyring hundreds of innocents. Minorities are being killed by Hindu extremists. This is real face of so called democracy! Kashmir is the worst example of Indian terrorism. India will be exposed now. The ceasefire violations by India must be stopped now. India is threat to regional peace.

Constant LOC violation and unprovoked firing by Indian army killing civilians. India always ready to commit violation across working boundary. This so called “World’s Biggest Democracy” is actually biggest promoter of terror in south Asia.

United Nations experts have urged Indian government to protect the free speech rights of people after the hateful murder of Gauri Lankesh.

Indian terrorism and murder of Gauri Lankesh

The United Nations military observer group also urged the Indian government to stop ceasefire violations at the Kashmir Line of Control (LOC).

Dual Face of India

600 Ceasefire Violations at LOC

India doesn’t allow full access to UN Military observer group in India & Pakistan (UNMOGIP), which has been mandated to monitor peace at the Line of Control (LOC) and report back in case of any violations. Showing, the true face of terrorism by India in Kashmir.

India Does not allow UN to Observe Violance in Kashmir

These constant violations by India at the LOC are also a diversionary tactic to keep the focus of its masses off real issues they are facing.

The ceasefire violations by India must be stopped now. India is threat to regional peace.

Just this year (2017), India has committed more than 600 ceasefire violations, martyring dozens of Pakistani civilians.

India has broken his own record of LOC violations within this year 2017

Indian Violation of LOC

On October 2nd, the Indian forces martyred Pakistani civilians by firing at the Rukh Chakri sector.

On September 24th, the same Indian forces fired across border & martyred a Pakistani girl and injured two others at the Nathiyal Sector.

Sikh Genocide in India

Wake UP UN

Do share these facts to let the world know the true face of India!


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