Why I Never Really Liked ‘Humsafar’

2012 was the year and the only melody that was on everybody’s lips was ‘wo humsafar tha aur uss se’, everywhere I went, all people had to talk about was Khirad and Ashar and their goddamn lives. If you thought school wasn’t enough already for this unwanted crazy obsession, the minute you entered the house, QB’s voice crying about married lives echoed through the lounge. I bet you can still hear it too, it haunts my brain to this day.

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All the excited aunties gathered around the telly like they were watching a Fifa World Cup Final. Trust me, it was like a World Cup Final every single day. I wondered what could possibly a daily soap about a family and marriage have to offer that even the boys at school weren’t spared to be spell-bound. I was more judgemental back then so I never got myself to actually watching something like this especially when it was Christopher Nolan movies that I craved. I laughed at the thought of people actually ‘liking’ it even.

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Years later, when Pakistani telly and film industry had developed to some extent, and stars like Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan had become public favorites and seemed to be quite enlightened in their interviews.At that point, I decided to check the show out and see if it’s actually a master piece or not. The stars in it seemed smart enough, so there must be a reason why they did it right? Well…

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Well, no doubt that I was hooked till the end, but all I wondered was why in the world do people still applaud for a damsel in distress? For a ‘seedhi saadhi naik larki’ who got corrupted by others. Moreover, she was forced to marry her own cousin she barely knew, and then the same marriage was glorified like it was the century’s biggest romance. In subtle ways it showed that only marriage into a rich family could have saved Khirad. As soon as she was no more important for the husband, her life was hell again.

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First of all, to glorify cousin marriages that we all know are medically proven to create genetic problems, and then the show has the audacity to make Ashar fall in love with a ‘sakhi savitri’ like it’s still the 19th century. I really thought this one was going to be something special but I was wrong. Apparently, our society is not over stupid norms yet. The show just shows an arrogant husband and a plain wife, I don’t understand what’s special and different about that? We have plenty of other shows like this.

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The only thing I admired a little bit was the resilience in Mahira Khan’s character of never begging for forgiveness and letting truth prevail, but that’s frankly about it.

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