Why Herd Mentality is Going to Be The Reason For Our Downfall

Warning: No sheep were harmed during this rant of an article.

Today I want to talk about something that is silently killing our country. Here, I have a question for you. Have you ever sat down and wondered what is that one major difference between the people of earlier ages and the ones that came after them who lead the world to great progress, industrialization and technological advancement?

Why Herd

Well hold on to your horses, don’t hurt your heads, I’ll tell you, it is that people back then were sheep. Do you feel personally attacked or are somehow offended by this statement, make sure you have not fallen victim to that same mentality that is going to be the end of us, no it’s not going to be some earthquake or an imaginary tsunami, it’s the little things that are gonna grab us by the throats and silence us forever.

Now why did I come to that conclusion is what you’re wondering, why am I so concerned to have actually gone to the length of saying my country is in danger by a seemingly non harmful force. Here’s a list to answer that, of the things that have led us to or rather have made us ‘STAY’ in the sheep kingdom. ( P.S: I have nothing against sheep )

Why Herd Mentality is Going to Be The Reason

No Room For Individualism

The first and foremost reason is the obvious, it is that we lack ‘individualism’ in our society as a whole. And if God forbid, a small breed of people even aspire to be a little individualistic, they are judged. Judged for being an ‘individual’ ( a single human being as distinct from a group ) A person who has their own original thoughts.

Now what is ‘individualism’?

The dictionary meaning is : ‘ the social theory advocating the liberty, rights or independent action of the individual’

In short the right to freedom of thought that may be unique, new, different or specific to that one person. Yes I know that ultimately we all are a product of our environment plus genes, and all our original thoughts ultimately stem from something someone somewhere put out there for us.

But that is not the point, the point is to have an open mind so that we can catch those creative energies out there, which can be a mix of everything from culture to science to something completely brand new. They will lead us to develop great ideas! But for that we need to be on the radar at least and catch such signals , by opening our tower (mind) to such possibilities.

And folks,this is the kind of experimental and inventive attitude we need in our youth to give rise to great visions. And for a society to flourish, we are in desperate need of fresh concepts. Our inner android needs an upgrade!

Why Herd Mentality is Going to Be The

Lack of Passion

I know to have larger than life dreams is such a First World country concept, because when you live in a country where half of the population still struggles to get food on their table, the idea of having dreams seems petty. Especially to your parents who would tell you to be happy and thankful in what you have, and also will want you to focus only on the ‘reality’ aspect of life.

Let me elaborate this. For them your main concern should be to get a good stomach filling job, a house and all those basic necessities just to ‘sustain’ life, not to transcend it and go beyond your limits.

This is because they know what struggle is, they see it everyday on the streets when a little bother and a sister fight over a left over bread taken from the garbage can. You see it too. And basically this means that since childhood we are taught to be ‘basic’. And that simplicity kills our ability to dream.

Why Herd Mentality is Going to Be The Reason For Downfall

Limited Career Aspirations

Well when I was in my earlier years at school, a question the teachers frequently popped up to us was, what we wanted to be when we grew up. This was one of my earliest encounters inside the sheep kingdom. Because most of the kids answered that they wanted to be ‘doctors’, which is a good thing, but don’t you think it is a little disturbing too? And the teachers also seemingly had no problem with this rather disturbing pattern of monotony.

Well let me tell my own sheep journey during the dark ages, I also answered doctor by the fear of standing out. But the truth is do you even know at seven what you want to be?

Such herd mentality confirms that we have somehow been brainwashed at young impressionable minds to think like a sheep and have not properly garnished our innovative spirit, hence the lack of research in our institutions. And hence a lack of passion as a whole.

And Lastly…

Limited Career Aspirations

Lack of Expression

When we operate at a basic level where no freedom of thought is encouraged, it is sure to give rise to a lack of expression. The expression that is given even, almost feels more like an imitation. How can hundreds of people have the same exact thought process even if they might live thousands of miles apart, why does my neighbour aunty disturbingly sound and act 80% like an aunty I met in another city. This is some robot level shit I’m telling you.

Why Herd Mentality is Going to Be The Reason For Our Downfall

Why is there such a lack of personality diversity in our schools? I just want to figure out why doesn’t anyone want to stand out, and say hey look I’m artistic or I’m a geek. Like BE something. Express!

My underlying theory to all of this is that, be yourself, be who you are and are meant to be and everything that comes in between, and in that be an INDIVIDUAL. And now I’m sure you obviously know what NOT to be.

Hint: A sheep.


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