Why Do We Need A Plasebo Effect To Keep Us Going?

“Whats in it for me?” Is amongst those lines that almost all of us commonly and even unintentionally use in general conversation, but why is that so?

There’s a story I once heard that went like this: A man in a village once fell sick and went to see the doctor, upon inspection the doctor told him to keep a healthy diet pattern, he’s perfectly fine and doesn’t need any medication. The man protested that he’s sick and in dire need of an injection or something. The doctor told him to come in again tomorrow and when the man did come the next day, the doctor gave him an injection simply filled with water. The man met him the next day and was happier than ever that he’s all better now.

Why Do We Need A Plasebo Effect To Keep Going

What is this? This plasebo effect that had the man brainwashed that he needs medication or else it’ll be his end.
This phenomenon is not a new one in terms of dealing with people, and is practiced by health professionals more often than most know. This concept is basically what is used in psychological prescriptions — its conceptual medicine for those who want to believe.

And I do agree that everyone, every once in a while does need some push, some help to make them believe and find the right way, but this practice has been so generalized now that all of us seem to have turned into that man and we all require some motive or incentive to go about even the simplest of tasks.


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