Why Do Tan People Have To Be Hot And Not Beautiful?

Well it’s true that beauty is a perception, different people find different things beautiful, however it is to be noted that there exist certain generalizations that do appeal to the masses.

But as you might be thinking that the obvious categorization would be, that the person has to be light-skinned to catch the eye. Then let me tell you, you’re wrong. If that was the case then, Macaulay Culkin would be considered prettier than Deepika Padukone.

It basically comes down to having nice facial features, good clear skin, some face symmetry, good overall body, maybe even a good smile and little unique things we don’t even notice. And that is only if we are making generalizations.

Therefore it is possible in every sense of the world that you might actually find a darker skinned person legitimately beautiful. However it’s stigma that hinders you from recognizing it. And you end up calling the person ‘attractive’

Well being called attractive is not bad, but in Pakistan it subtly means, ‘oh well I do find you beautiful but I can’t say that out in the open as you aren’t light-skinned but I can’t help myself either so here you go’.

Others things they might say is : wow you’ve amazing features only if you were fair too, then you’d be qualified to be called beautiful by me.
Well they don’t actually say that out loud but you know what I mean.

Also if a brown girl has her game strong and ends up looking better than everybody else in the room, then the usual compliments are, you’re so hot, or so sexy.

Again these are all good positive things, but would it hurt to just simply tell them you find them beautiful like you would a normal fair-skinned girl.

So that next time a beautiful brown girl doesn’t underestimate herself just because the color of her skin is never perceived beautiful. I have seen some extremely gorgeous girls, who don’t think much of their beauty, because it is not rational for them to consider the beautiful color they see in the mirror as pretty.

Once I came across an aunty, who while arguing about beauty standards said, that no matter what a darker skinned girl does, she might even look good but she can never match the beauty of a lighter skinned girl, it’s physically impossible. And everybody cheered and said yes that’s so true.

I realized that this was more deep-rooted than we thought it was, because it is their own mind cage that prevents them from seeing beauty in anything except ‘white’, Good job Britishers.

Another misconception is that, only darker skinned people apply makeup. Well no Zubeida, ‘everybody’ does makeup, it basically comes down to who looks beautiful regardless, as two people can never look the same even with identical makeup. Natural beauty is not in fairness, if a person is born with beautiful eyes they are just as naturally beautiful. Being tan doesn’t make them unnaturally beautiful.

Don’t hesitate, compliment where compliment is due. Don’t let notions that don’t make sense to your brain hinder you from words coming onto your mouth, without any hidden prejudice. So next time you see a beautiful girl call her just that, regardless of any other tiny calculations.
There’s a beauty in being called beautiful.

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