Why Do Sales Matter To Us?

It’s no secret that men and women alike – none of us are immune to that infamous ‘sale’ effect. Be it clothing, shoes, or any other item you can buy, whenever we see the sign telling us there’s a sale, with a certain percentage off on our favorite items/stores, we can’t resist it, and there’s no other way going about this.

So what I’m interested in exploring today is, how do sales affect the average mind like that?

As far as we know, the thoughts and feelings we experience are intrinsically linked to being human, and particularly the human brain. So the effects of this phenomenon of sales and marketing is all related to the unconscious setup of the mind.

Quite simply, ‘Brand’ is what the audience thinks of when they hear the product or company’s name. It’s everything the public thinks it knows about what they’re offering. Relating it back to where we left off in terms of the human mind, a brand name exists objectively – people can see it. It’s fixed. But, the brand emotion exists only in someone’s mind.

Advertising and branding have a very close yet distinct relationship with each other.

And so, marketing and advertisement in particular ways has varying effects on the mind. So when certain changes are made in the way something is portrayed and shown to the public it affects the mind differently. This and more is all the working of the psychology of marketing and the psychology of the human mind.

The reason why sales matter so much to the brain is because we’re all accustomed to the idea of getting more in less now. It’s the way things are shown that affects our brains so differently, which makes the mind think something is being given at a better price that can’t be denied.

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