Why Being A Development Practitioner Is The Game Changer In Society

20th century is an era of mass evolution, globally. Technological change is the core reason of advancement in our society whether that change has impacted negatively or positively towards the societies. Nevertheless, today this evolution is affecting our society adversely. Today, the major issues that have risen are pollution, over population, poverty and hunger. Despite growing technically there is a dire need of proper planning and supervision.

For this purpose, development planners are proposed. Development practitioners are the one who analyze the pros and cons of a society and give an absolute proposal towards its growth. They are the one who develop a land by its people and raise their outlet. Their scope is for the betterment of society and not towards gaining profits and raising standard. Withstanding to which a developed society is not the one that is advanced among the other countries of the world; it should be the one which assures basic resources to all classes of a society’s demotivating discrimination.

Why Being A Development Practitioner Is Game Changer In The Society

In this period of technological development, it is very important for us to make sure that growth occurs not only providing beneficiaries to the manufacturer but also to the consumers. As we look towards a society the roles of each designation are settled with respect to providing progress. The main purpose of every sector is to maximize profit; despite that human rights and satisfaction is taken into consideration after resolving to conclusions. Nevertheless, we need social planners who look towards the withstanding defects that the so-called advancement is providing us. When we take a look towards Pakistani society the situation is worse. Today, when majority of the countries are focusing on improving the environment and natural factors; Pakistan is still struggling for progress.

Why Being A Development Practitioner A Game Changer In The Society

When we skim through the history, we see that the means of resource allocation has diversified the society. Nevertheless, the major drawback to this business is inequality and discrimination among classes. Human rights are demoralized and used to gain their benefits. Only those who can afford a healthy lifestyle are able to survive in this society. Hence development planners are required in the field to access though the disruption of our society and come up with an idealistic plan. They are said to be the ones who aim to re-frame a society into a much confined pattern. Basically, the focal aim of any society before its execution should be to provide beneficiaries to human, rather than focusing towards profit maximization.

Currently, these specified roles of planning a society is executed by the engineers and town planners; why we need development planners to improvise the proposal of constructing a society. It is because, development planners are the only practitioners who seek through the pros and cons of a specific society, analyze its legal criteria and most specifically they consider human rights as their first priority rather than focusing on profit maximization.

Lastly it can be concluded than an engineer is one who builds a society but planners are one who develops a society.

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