Why Alpha Bravo Charlie was a Masterpiece

Alpha Bravo Charlie was an action and thriller Pakistani drama, produced by ISPR and directed by Pakistani drama and film director Shoaib Mansoor. Patriotism, thrill, humor, romance, jealousy and sense of achievement all are packed in one and we all are left in awe. Those who have watched this can’t disagree that this drama is the ‘perfection personified’ in terms of everything. Shoaib mansoor who has given great hits on television and big screen is the name behind this play which has won hearts of millions of audience.

The drama story is based on the life and times of three characters — Faraz, Kashif, and Gulsher also known as Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie respectively — and their friendship.

These passionate young men wish to start their careers in the Pakistan army. In the initial episodes, ample footage is used to detail the background of every individual and the circumstances under which they enroll for the armed forces.

Faraz is Mr Perfect, the guy who does everything right while Gulsher is a polite, simple-minded, shy person. Kashif is originally the funny man responsible for providing most of the comic relief through his antics, pranks and mischief. Eventually the series morphs into a coming-of-age story where the lead characters realize that there is more to life than their present happy-go-lucky lifestyle as they experience reality in all its fragility and extremities — jealousy, heartbreaks, trauma and death.

Another important character is Shahnaaz, a confident, educated and well-mannered young lady, who plays an important role in the lives of these friends. Her involvement with them in the role of friend, wife and confidante adds reality to the series that is poignant and touching on a personal level. The main theme of the drama is that every person should lead a purposeful existence and that, if one has the will and the passion, he can achieve anything.

There are certain aspects of this drama which make it stand out in the crowd and here are those that includes


The beauty of ABC is the central point of the story which has everything to do with leading a ‘Purposeful’ life. The leads Kashif, Faraz, Gulsher and Shahnaz made devotion their first priority.

 A ‘Sensible’ love triangle

Drama has a decent and sensible love triangle. Not like the one that on airs nowadays having jealousy, hatred for others.


There was a constant smile on face while watching the drama. The naughty and witty character of Kashif constantly makes you look forward to his scenes. The style all the army officers carry and their sarcastic remarks on every situation and lack of emotions on their faces while delivering the dialogues was beautifully portrayed.

Selfless Friendship

The trio of Gulsher, Faraz and Kashif was one of the reasons behind the success of this play. Whenever they shared the screen, their bonding and chemistry made the scene picture perfect. Despite coming from different backgrounds, they never had a conflict based on it. The bond they had and their love for one another was just remarkable.

It’s indescribable to explain the beauty of this magnificent piece of writing and the strong message it holds for our youngsters. Those who haven’t watched this play yet, please go and watch. It is undoubtedly the best drama in the history of Pakistan television.


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