Who’s Haroon Shahid?

Haroon Shahid has been getting a lot of attention in Pakistan after starring in the latest production of Shoaib Mansoor. Shoaib Mansoor is an amazing director and producer. He carefully chooses the people that are going to act in his movies. He makes lesser movies with greater messages. Haroon was initially a singer. He got lucky to be a lead role in Shoaib’s film. It turns out that Shoaib Mnasoor had his eye on Haroon since “Bol”. He was to be enrolled in BOL, but Haroon was of the view that “i should really focus on my singing career first”.

He also says that the aggression in the movie is just part of his role. “In real life i am a soft hearted and soft spoken person”, says Haroon. “The role had demanded the aggression”, says further. I admire his point of view: We should follow our own culture, instead of following the footsteps of Bollywood in order to impress the audience, we will lose out own culture and dignity. This is a very agreeable statement. He that apes other will never be himself. Verna was his first film, and as a first time actor he did a very good job. People can point fingers at the message that movie gives, it’s their opinion, but they cannot point fingers at the performance of the brilliant actor Haroon Shahid.

Haroon Shahid is a great new addition to our film industry. He not only seems to be a terrific actor and singer, but he sure is a great human being as well. Let’s hope he will win hearts over the coming years.


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