Who Wore it Better

Designers are mostly excited to see their designs on the hottest celebrities of the moment and celebrities taking ‘inspiration’ from outfits of the past, there are bound to be clashes.

Due to the judgmental sides of our personalities, we can’t help but reflect on who looks best in an outfit; whether we’re stunned by one celeb’s bold, charmed by another’s, prepared to try a new look or be wowed by their skilled accessorizing.

In recent times three of the most popular celebrities appeared wearing the same dress and it calls for a war to decide who looked best in the exact same attire.

Sanam Jung


Minal Khan

Nadia Khan

We feel that every lady looked equally gorgeous and stunning in the same dress because of their inimitable aura and generally attire that these ladies were carrying. What do you think? Feel free to share in the comments section below.


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