Who Was Tipu Truckanwala

Tipu Truckanwala was a very famous freestyle wrestler and a gangster in Lahore, Pakistan. His real name was Arif Ameer and he was the son of a very famous gangster and a businessman Billa Truckanwala who was resident of Shahalami area in Lahore. Billa was murdered by his rivals in 1994. After his death, his son Arif Ameer aka Tipu Truckanwala took control of his father’s legacy in the underworld community in Lahore.

Who Was Tipu Truckanwala

He was very famous for having 10 lions as his pet in his “Deera” and was accompanied by dozens of his gunmen and guards equipped with automatic weapons. His main rivals were Goggi Butt from Gawalmandi area in Lahore, and Teefi butt, Malik Ehsan, and Abid Boxer. Tipu ruled and controlled the underworld community of Lahore for more than a decade.

Who Was Tipu Truckanwala

Murder of Tipu Truckanwala

Tipu was murdered in January 2010 in the Parking Area of Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore when he was returning from Dubai after meeting his family and children who were living in Dubai. He was accompanied by his private security guards when Khurram Butt one of his rivals opened fire at him which proved fatal after he was transported to the Mayo hospital in Lahore. Many politicians and business personalities of Lahore visited him in the hospital where he was fighting for his life. Upon the news of his death Shahalam market which is the largest wholesale market in Pakistan was closed for security reasons. His supporters were very angry and aggressive after hearing the news of his death and they became very violent and demanded justice and the main culprit behind this dramatic murder. His funeral was held in Lahore which was attended by his supporters and many politicians like Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) MNA Bilal Yasin and many other business personalities of Shahalam Market.

Prime Suspect

The prime suspect in the murder of Tipu Truckanwala was Shahbaz Saeen who was the resident of Gawalamandi area of Lahore, and he ran away immediately after his death and managed to escape to Dubai. He was the gang leader of tipu’s rival gang who was operating in Lahore from Dubai. He managed to kill two main witnesses of tipu’s murder named Mian Asif, and Malik Ehsan in 2012.

Tipu’s Children

Balaj tipu is the son of Tipu Truckanwala the famous gangster and he is also a very famous gangster and involved in killing many people related to the gang of his father’s rival.


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