Who Really Was Fashion Sensation Kate Spade?

An American fashion designer and businesswoman, Kate Spade was the founder and former co-owner of the designer brand Kate Spade New York. 

New York City’s chief medical examiner has ruled fashion designer Kate Spade’s death a suicide by hanging.

The determination was released Thursday, two days after the 55-year-old Spade was found dead in her Park Avenue apartment by housekeeper, along with a hand note that pointed to ‘a tragic suicide.’

Through her spouse, Andy Spade, and business partner it was also found that she had suffered from anxiety and depression for a long time. Her husband told the authorities that she had been seeing a doctor and that she ‘seemed happy’ last he spoke to her. He expressed his grief and his concern on this incident regarding the loss of his wife and of the mental pressure it puts on their 13 year old daughter and of the ‘unimaginable grief’.

May she rest in peace.


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