Who is the Candidate for PML(N) for NA-120 By-Election

NA-120 is one of the most important and very powerful constituency in Lahore of Mian Mohammad Nawaz Shareef from which he was disqualified as a prime minister. Election Commission of Pakistan ordered to conduct by-election in NA-120 as Nawaz Shareef was disqualified. All the parties have announced their candidate for by-elections. Shahbaz Shareef who is brother of Nawaz Shareef was one of the options from PML(N) but he decided not to resign from Punjab assembly. After that Begum Qulsoom Nawaz Shareef and her daughter Mariam Nawaz were expected candidates, and after a very long discussion sessions between party committee Begum Kulsoom Nawaz Shareef  has been nominated as a candidate from PML(N) for by-election in NA-120, and if she wins the elections she might be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. There were many controversies about her nomination papers. Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) has challenged her nomination papers in election commission, and she has been called for verification with election commission on 17th of August, 2017. There will be a very tough competition between PML(N) candidate Begum Qulsoom Nawaz Shareef and PTI candiadate Dr Yasmeen Rashid on this constituency.

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