Who Is Bushra Manika?

Who is Bushra Manika
Bushra Bibi who was Bushra Manika a few months ago is the ex-wife of a Government official, a customs officer Mr. Khawar Ghulam Fareed Manika, who is the son of former federal Minister Ghulam Mohammad Manika. Mr. Khawar Fareed Manika has been promoted to BPS-21 last month by Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Khakan Abbasi. He was married to Bushra Manika and they have 5 children, two of their sons Musa & Ibrahim completed their graduation from Aitchison College and went abroad for higher education. Their eldest daughter Mehru is daughter in law of MPA Mian Atta Mohammad Manika, so apparently, most of Bushra’s family are supporters of PML(N).

Bushra Manika belongs to Pak Pattan Sharif, and she has turned herself into a very spiritual person. She has influence over PTI leader Imran Khan as he declared her as his spiritual adviser. Imran Khan has been visiting her for spiritual guidance, especially after she predicted that he will win a seat from Lodharan. Ms. Bushra Manika has dedicated her life to spiritualism, she follows and spreads the teachings of “Khawja Ghulam Fareed”, “Bibi Pak Daman” and many other spiritually influential personalities, whose shrines are in Pak Pattan Sharif.

Recently she has been in news about getting married to PTI leader Imran Khan, even though she is not a public figure at all rather she spends a life with total privacy and don’t have any identity in any kind of media. Many media sources claimed that when she was asked about the marriage with Imran Khan, she said if this is decided as my fate, it will be a divine order.

On the other hand, PTI officials have stated that Imran Khan has proposed her but she asked for some time before making a final decision, she needs some time to think over it and to consult with her family, including her children.

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  1. Does imran ever ask you to marry any particular woman???
    Let him live his life so as you do…. We should have nothing to do with his personal life….
    Live and let live !!!

  2. Really what a spiritual joke???Allah gives lanat on women who ask for divorce without any reasons?? she has 5 children grown up, i dont think she should have spoiled her home???

    1. Shut UP! Allah may not love Divroce but he allows it. You have no idea why a woman gets a divorce or why a man gives a woman a divorce.

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  4. Mr. A Rehma you are wrong to say Jamema deserves Imran. In fact She deserves much better in her life and most importantly Imran doesn’t deserves Jamaema, he deserves the women he has been after since he let Jamaema go e.g. Reham etc.

  5. imran khan is going to make another blunder mistake in his life. my personal advice for imran khan as a muslim brother is jemamia khan is the best suitable lady for him as a life parterner. requesting to remarry with her again. she deserve this

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