Which Is More Complicated Gender: Men Or Women?

Usually women do not convey their message and feelings clear and straight. They want others to figure out the meanings behind their words themselves. They drop subtle hints, they outright say it, and when they don’t, it still comes across through their actions and reactions. If you don’t pay close attention to them, you might not be able to understand what they are trying to say or they want from you. Men, on the other hand, are downright clear about what they want to imply. If they say, they hate you, they hate you. There is no another meaning to it. While if a women says I hate you, she might just be coaxing you to sympathize with her and justify yourself. She might not really hate you. She just wants you to know she’s angry.

A woman has a high level of emotional range and generally experiences large mood swings. They can be perfectly jolly and happy one moment, the other, they can be angry and screaming at the top of their lungs. You never know, a woman is completely unpredictable. They can go from the cute girl-next door to the fierce spoiled brat in a minute. So I advise, even in calm weather, you should keep yourself mentally prepared for a storm.

Which Is Complicated Gender Men Or Women

Women are generally very anxious. They think too much and stress themselves over things.  They worry too much about the future as compared to the present. In contrast, men are more carefree and do not stress themselves over ‘what is going to happen’. They live in the present and spend their time more productively.

A woman is sometimes indecisive. She relies on others to help her make a decision. Like a woman simply doesn’t dress herself quickly with a cloth of her choice? She usually selects the two or more best dresses in accordance with the occasion and then quizzes everyone in the house as to which dress she should wear. In the end, for all we know, she can end up wearing a dress that no one recommended. Women and mystery are two words that go hand in hand. Men are simpler in their choices. They do not rely too much on others to help them take a decision. They take only minutes to dress themselves and do not fuss on such petty issues. Don’t you agree boys?

Which Is More Complicated Men Or Women

Women care too much about others opinion of them. Hence, they try to look more impressive and sophisticated. This makes them even harder to decipher. And they are repulsive to criticism and might take rash actions if faced with it. Men on the other hand, are comparatively calmer with criticism and deal with it constructively. They do not make it an issue of their ego and are quick to disregard.

In the end, the complicatedness of a gender varies from individual to individual. BUT NO DOUBT WOMEN ARE THE MOST COMPLICATED SPECIES TO EVER EXIST ON THIS PLANET EARTH. Let alone men, we cannot even figure out ourselves!


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