Where does LLY And LY belong, actually?

English Grammar is taught since school till one last compulsory course in university. But are we still clearn on the grammar?

Everyone has their own set of rules and grammar it seems, so let’s try to get down to the real grammar and learn it again.

Where does LLY And LY belong actually?

Sometimes, in hurry we might forget which spelling include lly or ly at the end and time is short to argue with voices inside our head. And at other times spellings just look mysterious.

Well, here is something extremely simple to remember: we use lly or ly at the end of spelling to change adjective (attribute of a noun) into adverb (modify the meaning by expressing manner, place, time, or degree).
The confusion lies lly or ly being placed after adjective ends in -e or -le. Here are some rules:

  1. When an adjective ends in e, we simply add ly to form the adverb:
  2. When an adjective ends in –le. We remove the e and add to form the adverb:
  3. Adjectives that end in single l. Simply add ly and the adverb will then end in lly:
  4. When an adjective ends -y, We change the -y to -i and add -ly to form the adverb.
  5. Adjectives ending -ic, we add -ally to form the adverb:Are you aware of any common misconceptions regulating?

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