When Sooper Reunited Our Favorite Band Junoon

Peek Freans Sooper made last year’s Guinness World Record for the Largest Cookie Mosaic in the shape of the Pakistani flag. After 13 long years, Sooper has now reunited the world-renowned and the most beloved band of Pakistan, ‘Junoon’. This reunion is aimed at uniting the people of Pakistan through Junoon’s legendary and inspiring Sufi music.

Comprised of trio Salman Ahmed, Ali Azmat, and Brian O’ Connell, Junoon has always been in the hearts of people. Then and now, we missed them. Being the first-ever Asian band to perform at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, this band has shared the stage with international ones too.

Sooper has made sure every time with their campaigns that the spirit of nationalism flies high. Sooper has demonstrated patriotism and has been a trendsetter for other brands with its marketing strategies. To honor the country’s 71st Independence Day, Junoon is back with one of the famous tracks Khudi, performed on Allama Iqbal’s heart-touching poetry. Kicking off with some youngsters working hard to achieve their goal, Khudi speaks to today’s generation and spreads the message of always aiming higher.

The blaring vocals of Ali Azmat, the epic guitar solos of Salman Ahmed and the groovy basslines of Brian O’Connell brought a new era of music for Pakistan. Hits like Jazba-e-Junoon released in 1996 still holds up. Junoon also received a golden disc when their album “Azaadi” became a super hit in Asia.Peek Freans Sooper aims to take this platform of Sooper Hai Pakistan above and beyond in the years to come by spreading the message of unity and harmony across the nation and we hope Peek Freans Sooper keeps knocking it out of the park by bringing us such great surprises ahead as well.


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