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  • On 29th August, the Federal Minister of Information Fahad Chaudhry hinted at the formation of “Pakistan media regulatory authority” that would replace PERMA and the Press Council. The Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editor (CPNE) suggested that the government must consult editors, journalists, publishers and other stakeholders as the repeal of the Press Ordinance was the outcome of CPNE, Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, members of civil society and political activists struggles. The authorities of CPNE stated that it would not be wise to legislate one law for print, electronic and digital media as each process separate functions, problems and impact.

“The CPNE has a clear stand that there is no need for special media laws as media should be regulated through ordinary laws. It would be much better if the subject of information is left to provinces in view of the 18th Amendment ”

  • The PTI Deputy Information secretary Sarah Ahmed informed that all accounts under name of Bushra Maneka or Bushra Imran/Khan (especially on twitter) are fake. One of her popular fake account “@BushraakhanPti” has 47,4000 followers . There are only 32 official accounts relating to PTI and are listed on party’s official site “”.
Fake, Fake, Fake!
  • Rimal Ali, on the other hand a transgender model who was recently featured in movie ‘Sath Din Mohabat’ expressed disappointment when she became aware of allegation on her in Reham Khan’s book. In a video Rimal said that she wasn’t aware of this book, she doesn’t know when and why this was published. In book It was stated that Rimal Ali and Imran khan had a sexual relationship. The model Rimal Ali denied such false claims and concerned about her image, requested to crosscheck such news for authenticity  before a widespread publication.
  • On international stance, British Prime Minister Theresa May in a telephonic conversation with Imran Khan said that Britain is ready to assist in money laundry issues, open new avenues of partnership and work for better Pak-British relations and Imran Khan looks forward to reciprocate.

    Whereas, Imran khan faced combined questions from the members of Opposition on the telephonic conversation with US secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The opposition demands to know what exactly happened because previously the claimed facts by US were denied by the Pakistan’s government. Sherry Rehman pointed out that US has already released the transcript of call to prove the claims and Foreign Office in Islamabad is going to believe the US version of scenario. The situation is hoped to cool down before Mike Pompeo’s visit on 5th September.

  • Another mismanagement of PIA was reported on Sunday. The luggage of 168 pilgrims of flight no. 741  was left behind in Madina. The passengers were not informed of the mishap. Later, the spokesman of PIA Mushood Tajwar said that A320 is a small craft and could not bear the weight. Hence, the language was left behind and would be brought back in three days.
  • The 17 year old Ahmad Nawaz who was a survivor of 2014 Army Public School tragedy announced on twitter that he is on his way to Oxford University after achieving excellent results in his GCSE’s. Major General Asif Ghafoor also congratulated him “You made us all proud and defeated evil forces through courage, determination and power of education”.

The activist for education and peace Ahmad injured his hand and dodged few bullets but lost his younger brother and best friend when the school came under fire. After three months he was shifted to Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital for physical and psychological treatment. A vein transplant on his arm was also performed. Later he got admission in King Edward School.

  • A senior teacher staff at University of Karachi on the condition on anonymity in an interview to Dawn news expressed the poor financial management of the administration. The senior figure said that the University’s research centers has not received funds for two years and now that has become a hurdle in the development of research areas and quality education of science students. The last fund was received in 2016 that too after a gap of two years.

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