What’s Happening In Pakistan: Weekly Update

  • The news circulation on social media about discontinuation of 5000 rupee note is fake. On Monday, the state bank of Pakistan rejected all the rumors regarding the note and advised not to pay heed to the matter and spread unnecessary anxiety. The SBP’s board has not submitted any recommendation to federal government. For authenticity the SBP (State Bank of Pakistan) announced all the information on its website and circulated it through its social platform.
  • Our PM has opened an account of State bank of Pakistan in New York and has asked the American Pakistani community to donate at least 1000 dollars each for the dam development in Pakistan. Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa has donated 1 billion on the basis of the military and the national cricket team has donated 3.2 million to the dam funds. Where as employee of UBL branch in Lahore was caught transferring the dam donation funds to an anonymous account.

  • On Wednesday, the Islamabad administration banned entry of 14 ulma in Islamabad and activities of 12 ulmas residing in capital for two months from different school of thought including the Barelvi, Deobandi and Shia to avoid destruction of property, loss of life and law and order situation based on reports by Special Branch and Islamabad Police. These scholars are reported for making inflammatory speeches. The names were reported in Dawn News.
  • CJP Mian Saqib Nisar ordered name to be placed on ECL and immediate arrest of Gilgit Baltistan DIG Junaid Arshad after his former wife filed an application of cyber harassment against her. The ex-wife has accused Junaid Arshad of posting immoral photographs of her on social media with intention of defamation.
  • In Kasur, four boys of age around 20 has been arrested for raping a nine year old boy. The pictures and video were also recovered which were made to blackmail the victim’s family and demand money. Unfortunately, the video of the immoral act was uploaded on social media when the father failed to arrange the demanded money. The incident was reported a week after and efforts are being made to figure if the suspects belong to the dark web services.
  • On Wednesday PIA announced that a Turkish IT company “HITIT computer services” will in future handle the airline’s IT system. It will also improve the functionality of website and online bookings. PIA’s reservations, ticketing, check in, crew and accounting managements and flight operations will function through HITIT’s crane solutions.
  • Starzplay, a Dubai based video streaming company has partner up with Cinepax in Pakistan to provide video streaming services similar to that of Netflix. The company also intends to partner with JAZZ and PTCL for better and affordable packages for customers.
  • The ministry of IT claimed the possession of technology that can detect electricity theft. It can help eliminate 90 percent of electricity theft in Pakistan. The technology was created by Dr. Gul Muhammad from University of engineering and technology, Peshawar. Former finance minister Ishaq Dar and information minister Ahusha Rehman didn’t show any interest in technology briefing. 35 percent electric theft was curtailed in Peshawar MES and Rawalpindi MES due to the technology that is better than meters and grids.

  • According to Shah Mehmood Qureshi this time the UN conference on Kashmir that is held every year would be different because UN has issued a report on Kashmir occupied by India. Moreover, Pakistan warmly accepts Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkish foreign minister assurance that Turkey will completely back Pakistan at UN on Kashmir issue.
  • In a session titled “our vision of Pakistan: impediments to development” at Ziauddin University, the economist Dr. Kaiser Bengali proposed that if the government use coal available at Thar that can be consumed for over 200 years, we wouldn’t have to import furnace oil for the production of electricity and trucks consume 30 percent more fuel per kilometer than railways. Furnace oil and diesel account for 70 percent of total oil consumption. The urgent steps should be taken to avoid hemorrhage of dollars.
  • A faith healer Arshad Sardar of village in Sahiwal has been sentenced to death and fined 50,000 rupees in case of blasphemy by Judge Raja Safder Iqbal. Hanif Athar had accused the healer of uttering blasphemous words regarding scared religious personalities and case was registered at Yousafwala police station in 2015.
  • The death sentences of 13 hardcore terrorist were approved by Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa. These 13 offenders were involved in activities such as illegal possession of arms and explosives, attacking law enforcement agencies and educational institutions, murder of 151 civilians and 51 individuals of armed forces and injuring 249 others.

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