What’s Happening In Pakistan: Weekly Update

  • Crowned prince Muhammad Bin Salman had presented Imran Khan with a gift of Swiss watch worth 16.8million with a 36 MM automatic with 18 carat rose gold, stainless steel and diamonds during his recent visit to KSA. It is reported that PM has deposited the gift in national exchequer (which he could have kept after depositing 10% of watch price).
  • Boat Basin Police have recovered money and arrested a suspect Arsalan Qamar who runs “dirty night” campaign through social media. He confessed that he has been running fake programmes for couple swapping night parties and made huge sums of money.
  • The State Bank Of Pakistan has warmed citizens of fake calls being received by banking customers and advised not to provide them any information like CNIC or bank account number, password etc.“It has been noticed that time and again, fraudsters make calls to individuals, impersonating as officials of SBP or other agencies, seeking personal information regarding their accounts maintained with commercial banks and threatening they will be closed or frozen in case of non-verification of the credentials,” said the SBP. The press shared that SBP, commercial and micro-finance banks do not seek personal details including PIN, NIC number, one time password (OTP) etc from holders on telephone.
  • After the cyber attack on bank Islamic, at-least six Pakistani banks suspended the usage of debit cards outside Pakistan. The director of FIA’s cyber crime wing captain Mohammad Shoaib revealed that customers data from almost all major Pakistani banks has been stolen. The hackers had released a new dump of Pakistani credit and debit cards on dark web forums.
  • Pakistan now ranks at 92nd in the Global Passport Index 2018. Allowing holders of Pakistani passport get vise free entry in eight countries namely Dominica, Hait, Micronesia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Vanuatu, Qatar, Ivory Coast (pre-enrollment) and 28 countries Visa on arrival including Cambodia, Cape Verde, Comoros, Djibouti, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Madagascar, Maldives, Malaysia, Mauritania, Myanmar, Mozambique, Nepal, Nicaragua, Palau, Samoa, Seychelles, Tanzania, Somalia, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tuvalu, Uganda, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Gabon and Lesotho.
  • Chief justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar is willing to lead a campaign for the awareness of over-population in the country. He has also ordered the council of common interest (CCI) to formulate a policy on arresting the population bomb and advised to arrange a seminar similar to one arrange for water crisis held on SC premises. The seminar will expect appearance of experts from all over country.
  • Shah Nisar Minister of prisons stated that Karachi central jail is overcrowded by 2,446 inmates, the existing capacity is 2400 and total is 4,846 and the Malir district prison capacity is 1,800 people where as currently there are 5,249 inmates present. He said the main reason is increase rate in crime and there is a need of jails in each six district of Karachi on priority basis.
  • Tayab Raza Kazmi, former police constable has been sentenced to death by additional sessions judge Muhammad Ali Mubeen, over the charge of sexually abusing three children in police lines area of Quetta in 2015. A (fourth) wife shot his husband over maltreatment and abuse in Khan Colony.
  • Engineering student Farwa Munir was invited by (islamabad branch) Lahore Grammar school’s management to an event in Islamabad. The Niqab observing women was barred entrance due to her attire to which Shireen Mazari took notice. She uploaded a video and shared that she reached Islamabad on at 9:30am by Daewoo. 40 mints after her arrival the coach and general secretary of school addressed her that the topic of HIV is blunt and we are overall abolishing the committee. We can give you the fare to go back. She further shared that the school’s students told her that the higher administration has a problem with her appearance. She demands an apology from the school administration.
  • A 30 year old woman and her four year old daughter was found strangled and hanged from a tree in the district of Khanewal. The police found finger printers around the neck of both deceased and said it was a murder portrayed as suicide. The husband has confessed of both wife and daughter murder, she had disputes with her husband and was living at maternal house. The parents of deceased earlier also reported she had committed suicide, she was later recovered from a friends house in Vehari.
  • The Sindh Cabinet has imposed a 3 year banned on purchasing new automobiles for government official and advise on such a strategy that the upcoming 17 grade officers may pay lease of car on their own and would be responsible on maintenance as well. The use of bullet proof vehicles is still intact for higher ranking officials.

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