What’s Happening In Pakistan: Weekly Update

  • Water samples from 5 out of 11 areas of Karachi has showed traces of polio presence. Sohrab Goth, Chakorah Nala, Muhammad Khan Colony, Baldia and Nagi Nala are the affected areas. Moreover, samples from Sukkur also showed traces of Polio.
  • According to Henley Passport Index, Pakistan ranks at 102 out 104 with access to 33 countries, which makes Pakistan third worst country for international travel. Whereas Japanese passport holds the strongest position with access to 190 countries meaning that Japanese passport holder can travel to these countries or can acquire visa on arrival.
  • PTA on Friday announced that Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) will be functional from 20 October 2018 and unregistered phones will become usable. PTA is also sending messages about the user’s mobile set status.

“We recommend that consumers buy only PTA-approved phone sets after Oct 20. A consumer should text the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number printed on the box of a new handset to 8484. But he or she should pay for the handset only after (s)he receives reply that the set is compliant with the regulatory standards,” said PTA’s director general for services, Talib Dogar.

  • After investigation and arresting six Chinese nationals in January now the FIA arrested two individuals of a gang on the charges of ATM fraud. 130 ATM and Credit cards and 1000 fake cards along with cameras and laptops were seized from the possession of these: one Pakistani and other Romanian national individual.
  • So far, 100 people are arrested including two police officers and employees of chief minister house Karachi was violating the law and driving the wrong way. 7,000 people were fined an estimate of Rs.930,000 in total in one day for breaking the traffic law.
  • Shockingly, the son of Abdul Sattar Edhi ‘Faisal Edhi’ is accused of sexual harassment. Urooj Zia shared her 10-15 years ago experience. The famous stand up comedian Junaid Akhram who as a side project is constructing an open library was accused of sexual harassment by an anchor person Rabia Anam. She accused him on twitter while announcing that not only one but few more girls are in line to open up about their experience with solid evidence.
  • A woman identified as Uzma Bibi engaged to her cousin was shot in Golra during her Mehndi ceremony by a man she refused to marry. She was shot in the right shoulder as a revenge and bleed to death since bystander to shoot anyone who steps to attend victim, the suspect then escaped.
  • On 3rd October Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz filed an application citing different legal points to  inferior ministry for removal of their names from ECL but the cabinet is unlikely to entertain the request.
  • Under article 209(6) Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui was found guilty of misconduct over speech he delivered in July. In his speech he claimed that ISI is manipulating judicial proceedings and that spy agencies approached CJ Muhammad Anwar Khan Kasi to make sure that Nawaz’s remain in election till the elections and uninvolvement Shaukat Aziz in the bench. President Asif Alvi has removed Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui as the judge of Islamabad High court. Shaukat Aziz stated that this was not unexpected and will soon release the facts.
  • The 2018-19 budget of Fiscal year will face a cut of 14 percent by the federal government. Further the unapproved  projects included in Public sector development programme (PSDP) will not be funded. The government has decided to provide HEC Rs. 30 billion instead on Rs. 35 billion.
  • Government has rejected application of 18 international non governmental organization and a second batch of 29 INGO’s would probably face the same fate. Several civil societies in Pakistan has requested to rethink their decision as it also violates the framework of article 17 in the constitution, the right to freedom of association. The government is required to justify the decision by law and backed by parliament. In 2017, the sector of INGOs reached 34 million people with assistance and humanitarian relief, this decision will strongly affect the development.
  • Pakistan has successfully conducted the training of Ghauri Missile System. The ballistic missile can carry nuclear and conventional warheads up to range of 1,300 kilometers.

Pakistan wildlife foundation chairman Safwan Shahab Ahmed showed concern over the export of 150 falcons, already near to threat of extinction to UAE for the personal use of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid AL Maktoum ruler of emirate of Dubai. He said that it is not the first time and in the approval letter the species of birds are never mentioned. These birds play an important role in a maintaining ecosystem balance. Each Falcon is sold for around Rs.10 million.

  • Senator Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri announced to boycott in camera meetings in which the proposed law of equal punishment for convicted and false accusation of blasphemy will be discussed. He also said that such laws should not be passed as many people registered baseless and false FIR of blasphemy against Muslims.
  • The construction of Mohmand and Diamer Bhasha Dam will start in 2019 with an approved cost of Rs.883 million. The first stage development of  Diamer Bhasha Dam will begin by June 2019.  A total of Rs4.6 billion was gathered through  donation of JC and PM of Pakistan.

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