What’s Happening In Pakistan: Weekly Update

  • In first half of  November the PM will launch the ‘five million housing project’ for low income groups in Islamabad. The PM has been briefed by task force on the progress so far achieved in strategy, execution and monitoring of housing project for working class and regulation of underdeveloped areas (Katchi Abadi).
  • Eight Buffaloes belonging to PM house were auctioned off for Rs.2,302,000 in Islamabad. Qalb Ali resident of Jhangi Sayedan and admirer of Nawaz Family claimed one of the buffalo for around Rs.375,000 where as the actual value is Rs.120,000. “I purchased this buffalo owing to my affection for Nawaz Sharif. I will keep it as a symbol for Nawaz Sharif and our sister, Maryam Nawaz.” says Qalb Ali.
  • The president of Pakistan Dr. Asif Alvi receives constitutional immunity until his tenure in a case for inciting violence during Islamabad sit-in in 2014 where 3 people were killed and 26 injured. The case is registered under anti-terrorism act (ATA) and the Pakistan Panel Code (PPC).
  • Former Senator Faisal Raza Abdi is likely to surrender next week on the charge of defaming the Supreme court and judges. The offender was not found during raids on his different residences or through mobile trace but his father claimed that he is in contact with family through whatsapp from Sehwan Sharif, booked by capital police and FIA.
  • A wave of panic and distrust hit customers as the two incident of robbery and kidnapping happened involving the Careem’s captains. A girl escaped the attempted kidnapping and was physically injured by captain on 24th September. Another girl story of being robbed on gunpoint by the driver (where he also snatched phone and deleted the Careem App and dropped at her destination) was shared by ‘Soul Sisters’ on Facebook. The Careem spokesman shared the investigation in attempted kidnapping is in process whereas the girl robbed has not reached us privately. Careem came to know about incident through social media. The robbery post was deleted in few hours.
  • On Friday, a woman was found guilty of lying to police that her baby has been snatched from her arms in an attempt of kidnapping. The eight month old baby girl was later discovered in Yousuf goth, the arrested man Imran told police that the mother had handed her child to man willingly (without family consent). The investigation is further in process.
  • AntiTerrorism court on Saturday sentenced death penalty to Former Judge of Mithi, Sikandar Lashari and the co-accused Irfan Bengali in the murder case of Jacobabad Former judge Khalid Hussain Shahni’s son in february 2014.
  • Salauddin Khan Mehsud IGP of KPK has ordered 11 police officers suspension for refusing to lodge a kidnapped female rape case. The victim complained to IGP that she was kidnapped from Sahiwal, raped and then left in Abbottabad. She was first turned away from Mirpur Police Station and was escorted to Havelian Police Station through a truck driver; even the driver sexually assaulted her. The 12 kilometers away Havelian station turned her down as well. While another girl was abducted in Sargodha by a transporter for filing a case of rape against him. He had lured the girl into his house in context for interview of a bus hostess job and raped her. Later he kidnapped the girl and bribed the family to withdraw case for Rs.500,000 and get the girl back as well.
  • All the healthcare centers has been placed under ministry of National Health Services (NHS). Now the government aims to links the primary, secondary and tertiary centers online to facilitate the patients. The online system will help to check the availability of beds in hospitals in case of emergency shifting and medicines for the often diagnosed diseases. Dr. Asad Hafeez, the director general of NHS stated that in Punjab 25 districts are already introduced with online system.
  • Civil society and political representatives on Thursday asked the PTI to start the process of Seraiki Province (south Punjab) establishment as it was promised to be materialized within the 100 days after forming government. The bill was initially passed during the PPP tenure.

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