What’s Happening In Pakistan: Weekly Update

  • Pakistan’s space and upper atmosphere research commission (Suparco) has successfully launched two satellites; one in the collaboration with China and the second satellite ‘PakTES-1A’ is entirely structured and developed by Pakistani engineers and has giving good results aimed at remote sensing.
  • In Partnership with Idea Croron Ka ( a reality show) Facebook has announced an amount USD 20,000 each for six Pakistani community leaders in order to bring their vision to life. The contestants includes Karachi school’s guide Binish Umair, Karachi Chefs at home’s Saba Mohsin Shaikh, Asma Omer Marham, Rabia Aziz Rizvi of Special needs Pakistan, Kanwal Ahmed of Soul Sisters and Nadia Patel Gangjee of Sheops.

  • Orders has been issued to private schools to make Sindhi a compulsory subject including the schools that has implantation of Cambridge exam system. Dr. Mansoob Hussain Siddique has also requested to add Sindhi as a subject in general certificate of education  (GCE) examination.
  • Election Commission of Pakistan has sent notice to PM Imran Khan and other 141 politicians and required to report the amount spent on the election campaigns within seven days. The ECP has set the limit on the expenditure of political campaigns. The contestants for national assembly seats are forbidden to exceed the amount of Rs.4 million; a provisional seat contestants can’t exceed Rs. 2 million, the money can only be withdrawn from their registered election accounts.
  • 33 ‘benam’ suspicious accounts has been discovered, used in transactions, i.e. to channel funds received through kickbacks. Asif Ali Zardari and Faryal Talpur were also involved in usage of such accounts among other seven people and 210 companies of which 47 companies are associated with Omani groups.
  • 21 non custom paid luxury vehicles belonging to the Qatari royal family has been recovered from a dairy farm in Rawat owned by Saifur Rehman near Islamabad. The vehicles are reported to be in use of Nawaz Family and some other known politicians.

  • PTI government announcement that all state building should be open to public has cause an artificial lake bridge in the governor house Punjab collapsed due to over crowd on Sunday. Fortunately no one was severely injured.
  • A man in Ghari Khan Baba, Peshawar  was caught putting fire to mosque carpet and copies of Holy Quran.

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