What’s Going to Happen: Ch. Nisar or Meray Aziz Hum Watno?

Relations between the sitting Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif & the Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, were never the same after Musharraf took charge of the country in October 1999. Nawaz thinks Nisar the reason of his dismissal as it was Nisar’s opinion to appoint General Musharraf the chief of Pakistan army. Nisar might be the only one who considers Nawaz Sharif a normal human being & says whatever he considers right.

Nawaz Sharif doesn’t forget & Ch. Nisar doesn’t clarify himself. Why should he? He has always been Nawaz Sharif’s well wisher. Even in the current situation of Panama leaks, after the JIT report was made public, Ch. Nisar tried to defend PM Nawaz, staying loyal to his leader, but some of his friends & trusted advisers had asked him not to put himself in a wrong position. He has never been accused of corruption or any wrong doing and this ‘staying away from corrupt people’ advice is definitely the best at the moment. Though, as Interior Minister, there’re a number of political compromises he has done by pushing some high value corruption cases under the rug. (Urdu Column of Rauf Klasra)

Nisar understands politics to its best. He’s the only one in PML-N who has the courage to speak in front of PM Nawaz and Nawaz Sharif doesn’t like this. But, even if Nawaz doesn’t like him, he can not deny the fact that Nisar’s political acumen is highly needed in PML-N and there’s no other person in the whole party who can speak & negotiate with opposition parties. (Shahbaz Sharif is an exception. He has also been a key person in negotiations, not only with opposition parties but also with establishment.)

The Panama JIT report has been mishandled by the government. PM Nawaz should have resigned, as was Nisar’s & Shahbaz Sharif’s suggestion but he didn’t and now he’s getting into confrontation. It’s been reported that PML-N’s leadership is calling the investigation report a conspiracy by Pakistan’s military establishment and they tend to fight it till the end!

The political situation of Pakistan is taking the country towards a destabilized democracy. The statements & finger pointing by ruling party’s leadership towards establishment might force them to do what they’ve always done in such situations, “Meray Aziz Hum watno”. 

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