What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’ – Mahira Khan & Ranbir Kapoor

Pakistan super star, Mahira Khan is being reported to be in connection with Indian star Ranbir Kapoor. After a video of both having a sort of intense talk appeared over social media a couple of months back, it was felt something is going on between the two. Pictures of the event in Dubai & the video went viral over social media.

Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor

It’s being reported that Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor got into a close ‘Friends‘ relationship after that. Mahira is a fashion icon & a super movie star in Pakistan. She’s also a mother to a son and definitely has a busy schedule. And, Ranbir, everyone knows is one of the most adored stars of Bollywood but still, they both get some time to stay connected, after that intense conversation in Dubai 😉

In an interview, Mahira has already complimented Ranbir as a brilliant actor among the young lot of Bollywood. Kinda same story had already been in media about Ranbir listing out Mahira Khan from Pakistan as one of the most prettiest actresses.

Mahira co-stared Raees with Bollywood super star, Shahrukh Khan but she had to leave India & couldn’t accompany him for the promotion tour of the film because of Pakistan India tension after the Uri attack.

Mahira Khan & Rabnir Kapoor make a good looking couple but what’s really cookin’ between the two of them, is still a question!

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