What You Shouldn’t Say To The Mentally Ill

There are a lot of people around us who are suffering from mental health problems. Maybe it’s you, me or someone else. We never know who the victim is. We think that mental health issues are something to laugh about. But anyone who treats it as a joke must be a very insensitive and inconsiderate person.

People around us are daily fighting through their painful battles on a daily basis and trying to put on a smile. That’s something we should consider courageous and something to be taken seriously. They mentally ill don’t announce it to everyone, but they’re not hard to identify if you observe well enough. There are different kinds of mental health problems such as depression, personality disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety and panic attack etc.

So, mental health problem is a serious problem. If you find any sufferer, kindly avoid saying something like this to them:

  • It’s all a crap in your mind.
  • Why are you worrying about it when it doesn’t even exist?
  • Stop grudging all the time.
  • Stop seeking attention.
  • Yes I knew from the start that you have a problem.
  • There’s nothing wrong with you.
  • You are a faulty person.
  • You don’t look nervous or depressed at all.
  • I feel like you are going crazy.
  • You always think negative.
  • You are perfectly fine.
  • Things aren’t so bad as you always feel or see
  • You aren’t trying to survive.
  • Stop being coward.

Kindly, stop saying these harsh sentences to others around you. It might hurt them badly.


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