What Will Happen Now? Pakistan Politics

What had to happen has happened. Nawaz Sharif is now ex Prime Minister. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is the PM. Predictions have become reality. Current PM has been selected. Coming days will tell if this interim decision will remain interim or become permanent (Shahbaz Sharif is very unlikely to become the PM). NAB has started to prepare the references against Sharif Family on the directive of Supreme Court. If the Hudaibiya Paper Mills case gets reopen, it’ll generate some more political uncertainty in Pakistan.

The selection of new PM has stabilized the political situation in Pakistan for some time but would this stabilization be able to continue? Pakistan stock market & currency market had witnessed an extreme volatility in one day. Would business be able to continue as usual?

Urdu Column of Khalid Mehmood Rasool Ab Kya Hoga

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